Theological Discussions and Pipe Tobacco

“When Christ was on the cross, He not only experienced tremendous physical pain, but every sin was cast on Him; the emotional, the spiritual, the guilt, the depression, the greed, the idolatrous heart, the murderous thought, the adulterous lust… all of that was placed on Him, God Himself.”


“It wasn’t the fact that He was being nailed to a cross or brutally beaten; that was the easy part, It was that God was placing the sin of the world upon His only son.”


My previous roommate at University of Mobile, David Canida, and I used to retreat to the stone tables behind our dormitory late at night to enjoy a nice aromatic tobacco pipe before retiring to bed. These late night trips usually resulted in refreshing talks about Theology and our spiritual lives. One particular night, I had my laptop and decided to record our discussion. Tonight I stumbled upon the recording… and refreshing it was. 


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