The Focus of Ministry

Ministry is no comfortable or simple task; it is God focused, and anytime depraved human beings attempt to focus on God, distraction gets in the way. In ministering, distraction disguises itself with good intentions: the eternal destination of our fellow human beings. Whether we are evangelizing or attempting to disciple, purposed in equipping brothers and sister to evangelize, we are seeking to tell the world the Gospel. This is all good and prosperous, for we are commanded to love our neighbor, but it is the second commandment given from Christ. In Matthew 22:36-40 Jesus answers that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord. He then precedes that difficult task, one never completed while on this earth, with saying the second greatest commandment, which “like the first” is to love your neighbor as yourself.  How many times do ministers lose sight of the first commandment in executing the command of the second? Why is it so easy to be consumed with the work of God, and neglect the power of God in one’s own life? This truth hit me hard in chapter two of the required text; the chapter was entitled “Jesus is Lord”. Our work for Jesus does not reign over our lives; our ministry does not reign over our lives; Jesus does. 

In order to the existence of such a ministry in the Church, there is requisite an authority received from God, and consequently power and knowledge imparted from God for the exercise of such ministry; and where a man possesses these, although the bis.
-John Wycliffe


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