Who Is Worthy?

Worship in the church is becoming a movement laced with flashing lights, flattering musicians, and earplugs. What distinguishes the music in church from the music in the secular community? The purposed difference has to be within the lyrical content of the songs we are passionately singing. I timidly feel that the contemporary Christian worship songwriters may have lost the item of our worship. I of course do not mean that they are committing heresy or idolatry, and worship leaders for the most have good intentions.

The crucial truth I am trying to drive home is that we may have possibly turned to worship our changed lives rather than the great changer of our lives. We spend such an extended amount of time celebrating our freedom, our salvation, and our blessings, that sometimes we forsake the worship of our creator, savior, and provider. The two do intersect, but I wonder where we dwell in worship. When we see the Angels of God worshipping God they simply proclaim His name, His holiness and worth. Should we not model this example? Maybe instead of celebrating our repentance, we should celebrate God’s mercy. Maybe instead of focusing on our lives, we should focus on the giver of life.

As I am personally thrusted into communal worship several times a week, this hidden narcissism in the name of Christ has eaten away at me. We are elevating ourselves, when our duty is to humble ourselves, allowing for God to do with us what He wills. I know not every worship leader or worshipper is attempting to lead God’s children astray, but we must be weary of our ‘good-intentioned’ self-exaltation. As depraved human beings, we must constantly remind ourselves that God’s grace keeps our hearts beating and our lungs breathing; He is the giver and sustainer of life.

I want to be exhausted after worship, spiritually and physically giving God all that I am, not dwelling on who I am, but who God is.


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