The Comfort of Unsettling Truth

by the faith that I exist

my God steadfastly persists

to reveal to me

my present reality

that this isn’t but a dream

that the world is as it seems

and He is crowned as king

and creator of all things

no philosophy can alter this

that my God does indeed exist

and I am His child

and He loves me endlessly

for I know that this is real

so spare your misguided schpeel 

and submit to truth

that might be unsettling

no it’s not most comfortable

or comprhendible

but show me a truth

that is simpler with teeth

it will pierce your crooked spine

and call you to align

but what isn’t worth the effort

to live joyously

for my calling’s not my own

and this cold world isn’t my home

because to live is You

and to die, only ends suffering

until the day I see Your face

stop running life’s tiring race

until Your glory’s seen

I’m forever in pursuit

and You’ll hand me my glistening crowns

but God I’ll throw them down

because nothing Lord

shines brighter than You


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