Speaking the Truth

There are many things that may “hit us in the face” when reading God’s word; seem harsh, leave a bitter taste in anticipation of how our fellow church mates might interpret our intentions. We read these piercings scriptures and may become fearful to speak them, even among the brethren. This is a fault among the church; a most fearful fault.

The thought that we could receive persecution for merely speaking the words of God seems paradoxical, but in root, this is what God has promised those who speak His truth. God’s truth may not be the most comfortable thing to embrace, but this should, if anything, reveal it’s quality of truth: that is stirs such conviction of opposition. We as sinful creatures do no seek to embrace the things of God, we pursue to combat them; it is our sinful carnality. This is the fight in every area of life: the battle between flesh and spirit. For it is much easier to live ignorantly, but to except truth requires sacrifice. We must sacrifice these temporal worldly pleasures: fame, man-rooted praise, a financially set lifestyle, but what are these sacrifices worth in perspective of God’s eternal glory? Are we willing to forgo the glory of God for the glory of men?

So I will stand firm on truth, for on God’s word I can not be shaken. Though I may sow discord with the world or even my brethren, my true brothers in Christ, who earnestly seek truth, led by the same conscience of God, will find themselves standing by my side if I am indeed coupled with Christ in my thinking and actions. 


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