Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll

At the beach: my reading has been sporadic, and my journaling non-existent thus far. My sunburn is hot, painful, and prismatic, but all else is serene. It is a fine location to marvel at the stars. 

Today I was posed with the question, “What if your God did not exist?”. After some thought in silence, as most thought usually is, I answered, “I would be lost. I would be depressed. I would be a pot-smoking, fornicating drunk.” The scene would not be pretty. The thoughts and hypothetical interplay led me further down in perspective of my relationship with God.

My daily fellowship with Christ is the only item that keeps me grounded, devoted, and happy in this life. As Pascal emphasizes: happiness is the chief goal of carnal man. Without my divine relationship with Christ, I would seek to gratify my longing unidentified hunger for happiness elsewhere. I would turn to sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll in attempts that anything would distract from my minute purposeless existence. But my relationship with the Creator and Savior of this universe quenches my lonnging, and He does so with hope.

He gives me a glimpse, a taste of His presence, with a promise; a promise that one day this carnally filtered fellowship with God will be fully manifested. I only now see in a mirror, a reflection of His glory, in full anticipation of His glory being seen face to face. It is as if I am drinking from a chlorine, pH, filled swimming pool, hoping for the day I drink of the eternal purified spring. Until that day, I am forever in pursuit.


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