Dare To Perform the Miraculous

Enter tattoos, long hair, and skinny jeans, well that was all they saw him as. He took center stage, the dimly lit room festering with judgmental eyes. The scene was uncomfortable. Just as the room seemed unable to harbor anymore discomfort, his words began to echo like crickets.

He opened with a story of extreme demonic interaction; coughs only broke his breaks in speech. Terror and disbelief began to morph onto every face in the room. There was no icebreaker; there was no ease into subject; no delay, just real talk. Reality bites. We do not like to hear the darkness of life in such bulk; we take it in sips, not gulps. 

As the story came to a close, we took some deep breaths in hopes that our conscience would be relieved. We were wrong. The relevance to his story began to be known: we have authority and power in the name of Christ. We have the Biblical ability to cast out demons, heal sickness, move mountains, and make the sun stand still. But we don’t believe these things. We hear of their workings, but do not attribute them to ourselves as followers of Christ. “We are no apostles”, we mutter to ourselves. 

Jesus said quite the opposite, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” John 14:12. If we do not perform these miracles of the spirit, are we making Jesus a liar? Yes, Paul and Peter performed healing and exorcisms, do they not harbor the same Holy Spirt as we do? 

Why do we not experience the power of the Spirit? I believe it can be found in our initial response to the man speaking with such confidence in the miracles performed by followers of Christ. We are skeptical; we, truly in our heart of hearts, do not believe we are capable of such power. We do not have faith! Our faith is not even the size of a mustard seed. Our lack of spiritual belief reflects our lack of spiritual ability.

I wonder what God can do when we, in our modern day and age, ask, in Jesus’ name, to do what seems impossible. Will we unleash a revival worthy to be compared with that spoken of in the book of Acts: where thousands were added to the kingdom day by day? I will dare to try; as to fulfill the words of my Savior and King.


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