More Than A Conqueror

What is one who is more than a conquerer? Does human interaction even know a position, a term? We judge men on power, and view God in the same light: as Lord. Maybe power dwells, and should be judged, in the realm of control, and by this judgement we do not, and can not, have true power on this earth. We are fed the perception of power often. We conjure up titles, governmental systems and positions, but can these men really control my heart? Where is their control in my life? They only control me by my submission; and my submission only comes from God.

Who is placed into power that God does not control? Are there any true conquerers on this earth? Can this world be conquered? How can it be if God holds the universe in His hands? Many men have tried, and even come close: Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler, etc. But the reality is that God only ushers lordship, and it is only a perception at that. This reality check is not meant to stir rebellion, for God calls us to be submissive to the ones He placed above us, but if we are heirs of God, who can place power over me but Him? If I have the God of the universe indwelling me, then who can lead me to submission but God?

I am more than a conquerer. I have the creator and controller of all things within me, empowering me with the same power that resurrected the Son of God. I can not grasp an entitlement greater than a King, but then again, I can not term my God in a way worthy of His title.

My entitlement, only founded in You, is beyond this worldly reign. My life is now something beyond this world; I am but a mere pilgrim in it.

In Christ, I am something beyond this world or any person in this world, yet equal with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. If my God is for me, and lives inside me, what or who can even stand against me? My God has conquered this world, created and controls it, and yet He lives and breathes in my own soul. This truth will never cease to leave me in awe of my savior, my God.

God thank you for exploding my theology, reminding me that You are greater and higher than any other.


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