Obedience: The Fuel of Sanctification

My Minor Prophets class is extremely beneficial to my walk with Christ. Not only does my professor, Dr. Fowler, impress upon his students great Biblical knowledge, but he also applies it to our own lives. He takes the principles of every item that we explore and challenges us to activate it in our daily walks. I can not quote him verbatim, but the next paragraph is a general liking of what he said.

“Sanctification is about obedience. In the modernized church, we have morphed it into journaling, daily reading, church attendance, and selfish prayers. Nothing we do can bring us closer to God while we negate His commands and live in sin.”

You want to see Christ radically transform your faith? Then do the commands He wishes for us to obey. Yes, Christ can work despite our weakness, but I am afraid it is a tough ordeal to work in us despite our selfish agendas and sinful habits. Surrender. Let go of yourself. In releasing your sin to the one who saves, you will find yourself in the midst of God’s craftsmanship. 


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