Devotion and Harry Potter

Scouring around Tumblr, one finds several “devoted” pages. Some are devoted to sports, others to politics, literature, but the one that I keep stumbling upon are these Harry Potter devoted Tumblrs. I do not follow any Harry Potter tags; I do not search them out, they simply keep on popping up. 

Now I am not too big of a Harry Potter fan. Yes, I have seen the movies, but never have I read one page of the books. I enjoyed the movies, and I can not deny that I often paid to see them, but never was too into them. I have no quarrel with Harry Potter or those who are “intense” fans, but something struck me. There are so many Christians that act the same way towards Christ as I do to Harry Potter.

Hear me out. There are these “fanatic followers” of Harry Potter. They have all the merchandise, have read all the books… twice, seen every midnight premiere for the movies, talk about all the character developments throughout the story, and even devote substantial amounts of time developing a blog to the series. Me, on the other hand, I simply take what I want from it, and slip into the Harry Potter world when it is ‘the craze.’

Now I myself proclaim to be a Jesus Christ fanatic. I read the book He scribed about Himself everyday. I go to a school that was founded around His name being spread around the world. I talk to him; and I ultimately worship Him. Then there are the Christians who are as I am towards Harry Potter. When it is the right season, they worship God. When they have nothing else better to do, they go to Church. When everyone is talking about it, they chime in with their two cents, etc. 

All in all, my devotion to Harry Potter is circumstantial. So many church-goers live the same way towards God. We need some fanatics. If we have people out there who are constantly professing the amazing-ness of Harry Potter, why don’t we have more people devoted to professing the worthy Son of God, the creator and savior of the world?

Maybe some us need to stop just chiming in when Jesus is on the news, and start worshipping Him even when society stops buzzing about Him. Our King is worth so much more. Our God is greater than anything we have ever come into contact with. He is a God worth being fanatical about. If a fictional wizard can have Tumblrs fully devoted to every detail and interesting factoid about Him, then why can’t Jesus have millions more?


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