I see you take joy in my defeat.

You see me cringe and fall to my knees, but your pride will be your overthrowing.

I won’t take steps to see your debts to me and the world relinquished. I’ll sit in peace, quiet patience, for the Lord to pay his vengeance.

I’m listening to David.

It sounds a little mean, but I don’t enjoy it, to see you pay your dues; for mine were erased, better said: replaced, by the same God that you refuse. Get up you scoffer! Find a new job, one that won’t lead to death. You expire each word, it’s selfishly absurd how you waste such God given breath.

I know where you’re at man… I’ve been there too. You’re frolicking in mockery just to hide the real you. It really ain’t worth it. It’s really just stupid, but isn’t everything that isn’t the truth?


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