Short Quiet Time Reflections

My girlfriend and I like to sync up our quiet times and share what God is teaching us through them. We found that the best means to do this when we are apart is by Skype or Facebook messaging. I thought it would be nice to share on Tumblr some of my reflections. We have been in Genesis as of late. Hopefully some of these short lessons God has been teaching me will encourage you in your walk with Christ.

Genesis 27
Isaac blesses Jacob. God used the deception and sin of Rebekah and Jacob to further His covenant. God can, and does, use any means to accomplish His will. Everything certainly does work out for the good of those who love Him, even sin. This does not give us permission or inclination to live as slaves to sin, but it does grant us vision in pursuing God’s future for our lives despite our past.

Genesis 28
Jacob’s command from Isaac. Jacob had to obey Isaac to reap what God had in store for him. In order to obey, he must not marry a woman of his current land, but he must travel, and later we see that he has to work and labor for his wife. God’s blessings never come easy, but they most certainly come freely.

Genesis 29
Jacob meets Rachel. Just want to go ahead and say, there is a lot of marrying of cousins going on hahha; Jacob and Rachel is another example of that. But beyond that, this story shows the details in God’s sovereignty. God cares about the little acts of service in completing and revealing His plan. Not only that, but we must often times work and labor to receive God’s prepared blessings for us.

Genesis 30
Jacob’s children. I never knew that Jacob’s children, except Benjamin, were birthed while he was still serving Laban; interesting. But in everything, there is a time for us to build our own house, or “provide for my own house” as Jacob says in verse 30. We must leave security sometimes to embark on the plan God has in store for us; we must leave something good to move towards God’s next chapter for our lives in obedience.

Genesis 31
Jacob flees from Laban. So much truth in this passage. We must work through affliction. Although we see injustice towards us, we must honor God and our labor will be rewarded. God is the ultimate witness in covenants with Him and men. I love how after the covenant between Laban and Jacob was made, a sacrifice took place; sacrifice follows covenant.

Genesis 32
Jacob wrestling with God. Seeing God face to face was a cherished, rare, almost unheard of thing. Usually if one saw God in all His glory, they would die. Jacob was privileged to see God face to face, but it wasn’t a cakewalk. He literally wrestled with God. It is a true fight if we wish to see God for who He is. We must wrestle not only God in His great transcendence, but the world, which is constantly trying to entangle us with sin and corrupted perceptions.


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