We can never rise above the temptation of sin. Never will we above the devastating affects of sin. No matter how fiercely I pursue God, no matter how diligently I obey Him, that doesn’t permit my obedience the next day, minute, or second. Sin is not something I simply fall into apart from disciplines and spiritual exercise, sin is apart of my very being; I am flesh and carnal. Sin isn’t necessarily an outside force that impresses what I desire not, but it can swell up from my own fleshly desires as fast as it does from any incoming external enemy. I am my own worst enemy.

I fall in the trap of thinking I am above the evil. Will my sinful battle ever be conquered? Will I ever master this flesh? My spirit is willing, beyond willing: yearning, for a release from this carnal prison. The answer is no. I will never conquer my sin… Jesus Christ already has. He has done what I could not. He has taken upon Him the task that I could finish, and in turn took on the punishment I deserved! How long must I look back, and still be unsatisfied. “It is finished”. When will my affections feel as such?

Lord we can’t do this on our own. You have delivered us from death, and it is only You that can deliver us into constant grace. For grace is not the tolerance of sin, but the power to overcome it. God carry me; work in me. I surrender to Your chastening hand.


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