The Hell debate is maybe not as prevalent as it was a year ago given Bell’s Love Wins and Chan’s Erasing Hell recent release, but there is certainly a need for the administration of the doctrine of Hell from the modern pulpit. For introduction, it must be noted that there are two revelations completely necessary to conversion into God’s Kingdom: the state of man’s deficiency and the state of Christ’s sufficiency. The doctrine of Hell pertains to the former.

Hell is naturally entangled in the observation that the human problem is rooted in their necessity to see one’s condition in true perspective – self-centeredness is the aim of all anthropological endeavor. Consequently, to neglect the doctrine of hell is to lack human feeling; preaching it is a matter of compassion. The terrible teaching is really a gift of God to awaken those who are blindly sleepwalking into eternal damnation. This is why it’s absence from the pulpit is so alarming.

Furthermore, the essence of all wickedness stems from a lack of belief in regards to the consequences of their actions. With truthful introspection, not a many of people find themselves to be all that moral or good, or they in the least see some defect or shortcomings. Therefore, it just may be that the reality of Hell is not of sincere acknowledgment to such a person. Moreover, there may be an inherited theoretical belief in hell, but there is no sense of it as a personal reality. We can not detach ourselves from our beliefs. If we do so, we will find that the workings of grace have no terrain to till, uproot, and transform our own hearts.

We must return to seeking God for all that He is. No longer will we benefit in seeing God in the way we want to see Him and not the full spectrum of his revelation. God reveals his justice, his holiness, and in the same passages, we see man’s wretchedness and defiance. Hell, this place of judgment, completes the idea of God’s just actions and penalty for rebellion. Hell is, at it’s philosophical core, a system of justice in the next life to rectify injustices in this one – it proclaims the holiness of God.

I do not wish to imagine what may come of the bride of Christ if we continue to belittle the character of the holy and just God in hopes of greater attendance and more fanciful worship experiences.


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