Liberal Theologies

Do not fear too much the prominence of liberal theologies. They, by their very definition, tend to outgrow themselves in the pursuit of repudiating conservation. These fanciful liberals’ constant amendment to theological systems is not something to be anxiously disgruntled by, where as we see ourselves as extensively responsible to combat and correct these skews. Men who thrive on such imprudent theories to exalt their name cannot stay settled for too long. For just as their ideology begins to become acceptable in the now tainted and perverted minds of easy listeners, they must thrown in some new and pretentious bend to keep themselves free of any traditional economy of thought – and this is often an over-correction.

Liberal theologians must thrive on pendulum swings. They mutter, “We must not keep the thinker balanced. Moreover, we must certainly diminish the authority of the balanced-thinker by calling him arrogant and demeaning – for he claims to know the reconciliation of the scriptures; how rude!”

God’s Word has lasted for over ten thousand years, it was the very means of creation – God spoke this world into existence. It is concrete. It is unchangeable. Align your study to the revelation of God, and there will be no further research necessary in debunking the hoggish doctrines constructed by mercenary men. The devices of the indulgent are never satisfied with their interpretations (that only gain them shallow notoriety). However, Biblical interpretation and doctrinal establishment are not ways for men to exalt themselves in the knowledge of God, it is to in someway help reveal the immutable and unchangeable facts of who God is and how he works. We need not be as shockingly creative with our exegesis of the Bible as we have been; let the powerful word of God speak for itself – only make it more clear and cultural, not more comfortable.


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