Two Men Take A Seat – Pt. 1

Two men take a seat. One is a man of pride, and the other is poor. 

“How can God allow such evil to befall upon those innocent beings, whom you claim to be his cherished creation?” The one man recites in fashionable pride.

The poor man responds, “First, this is the wrong question my fellow man. Better proposed is in what good act has God allowed you another breath?”

The one man stands insulted, and rebukes, “Why, I am a good citizen! I follow my line. I do not allow my actions to impose upon the will and betterment of others.”

The poor man smirks with a glimmer of sadness in his eyes and reproves, “I was once under the delusion of my own self-sufficiency. I was doing just fine under the counsel of my conditioned conscience. But, two things must be corrected in your scheme. One, my responsibility is not found in debt to humanity and the common good of society. The price by which my soul has been charged is not in my dealings with men, but in my interaction to the divine creator and upholder of all things. It is him that I owe the glory, and my failings are counted by my robbery. Therefore, and secondly, your initial question assumes that unaffected men are ‘innocent’, and this proposition is the very hinge of your attestation. For if God was indeed striking down the righteous, he would rightfully be deemed an abominable being. This is not the case. For Innocence is only found in the life of the perfect man, whereby I see none.”

It is then at once when the prideful man perks up and interjects, “Oh! and you find yourself perfect?”

The poor man smiles in fullness of joy, for he had anticipated this question. “No, my friend, I am not perfect in the slightest. I am dysfunctional, and more crooked than any man you stand next to me in comparison.”

Almost angrily, the prideful man reaches out and questions, “Well then where is any hope of being delivered from this God who has left us as mere vessels for his wrath?”

Holding back the tears, clinching his fists and closing his eyes, the poor man begins with a whisper. “Jesus.” He smiles again and opens his eyes wide, gazing into heaven. “Jesus.” His voice begins to climb as he opens his palms and raises his hands. “Jesus Christ. God has made a way!”

(To Be Continued)


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