God Our Father

I have been doing a study on Romans for about a month now. I am through verse 17 with about 75 pages of notes. One day I will have to work at transposing them into a word processing program, but for now they remain in my study journal. Given the recent celebration of Father’s day this past Sunday, I remember a portion of my thoughts on verse seven, Paul’s address the to the Romans. It will certainly be hard to grasp my full range of thought without my full context of the verse’s analysis, but I believe the point of this post can be seen in its solitude.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 1:7

Once again in Romans, Paul includes himself with the admonishment of his reader. He establishes common ground. “Our” invokes a sense and call to unity, and in this case: family. “Father” is descriptive of God’s human assimilated relationship to the called. He is the provider and caretaker of His sons and daughters. He is relational, not a mere governing authority; He loves and disciplines the called as His children. The reader must fortify his perspective of God in this manner, as to not be too easily offended by His authority. Rather than seeing His judgment as harsh and unwarranted, God as Father provides the peaceful and desired reception of God for all that He is. Honor is bestowed upon a father no matter what he deals, for his sons and daughters are nothing apart from him.

We need not censor God, only present Him as Father, and thenceforth His works and words can only be seen as lovingly disciplinary and opportune for His lost sheep – His unrevealed children. 


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