Spiritual Application

Application is often sought in preaching. One cannot be a follower of Christ only in ideology, but Christian faith must be applied. However, application must be released from its shallow view.

A spiritual application is primarily applied to one’s heart in regards to the revelation of who God is. True function encourages one to embrace the Promiser rather than the thing promised. Because, the source of salvation is not the mechanical experience itself, but God, for true spiritual affections derive only from divine workings. Actions begin not with the hands, but with the heart – being moved by the nature and character of God found in the Bible.

“The water from God’s infinite fountain of divine beauty and glory flows directly into our hearts, merging with our being. This is far more than merely communicating some secret fact by revelation or suggestion… The Spirit’s seal transforms our hearts.”

Further, to invent a practicality in exegesis is to nullify the inspiration of the Word of God, for God’s Scriptures contain the proper response. The minister is not called to innovate, but rather communicate what has already been revealed – making room for the Holy Spirit.

The Promiser is above the promise. The Revealer is above the revelation. We are given glorious and anchoring hope as to urge us towards the source. Do not settle for the promise and nullify the one who gives it. God has given the promise to stir the dependence and humility of those seek it. God has revealed as to bring persons closer to Him, not merely closer to prosperity.


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