A Philsophical Analysis of the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Debate

Great article – a must read!

“Their beliefs are perfectly summed up in this popular bumper sticker: ‘Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one’… Notice the bumper sticker completely transforms the nature of the abortion debate with a single word—-‘like’… Imagine if I said, ‘Don’t like slavery? Then don’t own a slave.’ Or, ‘Don’t like spousal abuse? Then don’t beat your wife!’ If I said such things, you would immediately realize I don’t grasp why slavery and spousal abuse are wrong. They are not wrong because I personally dislike them. They are wrong because slaves and spouses are intrinsically valuable human beings who have a natural right not to be treated as property. Whether I personally like slavery or spousal abuse is completely beside the point.”

Another crucial aspect of the article is the discourse between Klusendorf and the young woman. It is imperative – once it is uttered, “I am Pro-Choice” – to ask, “Pro-choice what?”. What is the freeing choice you wish to grant? The answer to that question has incalculable connotations. 

A Philsophical Analysis of the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Debate


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