Genuine Community – Relationships

In comparison with most of my posts, this may be considered a ‘rant’. You are forewarned, and may now proceed.

Christianity is beautifully emphatic regarding the community of its believers. Christ died for a body of followers, not singular isolated worshipers. For further concerning this thought see an old post:

Community, fellowship; these are things that we must strive for, and what are the allotted means of such fulfillment today? – Sunday services? Small groups? Are these systems truly accomplishing the intuitive human longing for relationship? For me, it seems that church is the one place where everyone is pressured to seem ‘okay’, and ‘small group’ is the setting where everyone seeks to apply the mask of Christian comfortability. Am I wrong for perceiving this? It is a hidden monster.

Then it must be asked, how does one truly build relationships? Can it be done through the ‘forced’ or ‘coerced’ settings of ‘fellowship’? I am sure it can and it has – but the real question isshouldit be the primary means of building community in the church body? Is there another way? For myself, relationships only spring forth from natural friendship. What I mean is: I have rarely met a lifelong friend by means of the manufactured systematization of community. Friendship and community naturally arises, and supernaturally (but still focally natural) in regards to the Christian body.

We must seek after organic discipleship – it is necessary. As to how one organically builds relationship – there is no universal ideal to perform organic discipleship. To give a step-by-step process would constitute it as a system (beckoning the undesired sense of obligation – quelling joy) and therefore nullify it as whole. Now, I am not seeking to annex all discipleship systems or Sunday services, by no means. Rather, I am seeking to hopefully realign our intentions. Do we go to these things as to ease our conscious that we are performing the required aspect of communal fellowship, or are we truly loving and expressing loyalty to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? I am in pursuit of the latter, and it is certainly not easier. However, it is truly the most satisfying, simply, because it is the most genuine. There is no front. There are no hidden intentions. With this purpose, love is all that is left to be expressed.

Hence, I promote my formal invitation to my followers. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and the like have propagated a ruse: relationship is simply a knowledge of another. It is not. Therefore, I want to invite anyone who desires to build any sort of friendship (inasmuch as the technological cyber web permits) within the intentions of exerting true Christlike care for one another – as the church body ought to relate to one another. My message box is open, and I will do the best I can to try and truly edify, encourage, pray for, etc. my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


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