Sanctification: A Conclusion – Pt. 8

In precise analysis, the doctrines of atonement may be expressed, regarding their emphasis, as such: justification is a declaration, sanctification is a realization, and glorification is an actualization. Regarding sanctification, it is the consecration of the justified unto holiness by the equipping of the Holy Spirit to manifest one’s ‘newness of life’ in preparation for God’s promised bestowal of glorification. Faith is undoubtedly the providential bond for communion with Christ and the Holy Spirit, thus furnishing it as the necessary act of the believer throughout the progression of sanctification. Moreover, this faith is the representation of one’s slaveship to God that was passionately generated by the great gift of grace upon the man’s heart.

For reference back to each portion that led to this conclusion, see links:


Definition and Scriptural Verbiage:

Definition and Categorization:




Permanency and Time Factors:


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