A Man in the Midst of an Engagement

I have stood on a stage in front of thousands of people. I have performed intimate pieces of my music in front of strangers and loved ones. I have jumped out of a plane at over fifteen thousand feet, but I have never had my heart flutter at the pace it did today.

Lurking around the corner of the Billy Graham Library, flowers in one hand and the ring in another, peering down the path that Stephanie was soon to trek down, I could hear my heart beating in my chest. Suddenly she appeared; I slipped in behind the pretty young woman, and dropped all my weight onto my right knee.

I called out to her, and when our eyes met, I could not hold a thought for more than a half a second. I began to shake, and my voice manifested my nervousness. Stephanie began to sob uncontrollably. I could not decipher between her sadness, joy, and surprise that was illustrated in that one face. I finally uttered a complete sentence, but I cannot recall what it was. I do, however, remember that I certainly expressed three things: that I was nervous, I loved her, and I wanted her to marry me.

The moment took all of ten seconds, and we then embraced with a hug and a kiss. I think she said yes. I placed the ring on her finger, and she kissed me again. The family, the employees, and the tourists all around entered with applause, but I cannot remember the sound. I was stuck in my fervor of excitement, and the smile never left my face. The movies make it seem that everything continues in slow motion, but I would like to differ; everything moved in an ecstasy of quickness. The brevity of the instant was adequately felt.

Pictures took up the next half hour, and congratulations in the form of a hug or handshake appeared in every direction. I was a man drowning in a sea of felicity. The pace began to loosen, and at one point I felt my shoulders finally drop and my lungs exhale. All together the families carpooled to a nearby restaurant and we debriefed. There, everyone was brought into the full scheme of what took place, and laughter and joy has not yet left my heart.

The thought of what has just occurred has not yet fully captivated my mind. I am getting married. I am entering into one of the most sacred commitments I will ever embark on in my life. I have taken the first tangible step into the rest of my future, yet fear and worry has not hitherto had its reign in my ponderings. In this overflow of joy, there has been no room for anxiety. Lord, I pray that you keep me in your grace and truth. I desire to continue trusting your promises and your faithfulness; provide me with the grace to execute this task in faith.



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