Desire God

Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.

Psalm 73:25

God is not merely a better desire, He is the primary desire. All other desires and pleasures must be rooted within the desire for God.

There is a common Christian idiom that reads, “God ought to be first in your life.” The purport is good-natured, with hopes of instilling an utmost desire for the One who is fully worthy. I do not want to discredit the entirety of the adage, but I would like to clarify the teaching.

God is not merely the first item on our priority list. He is not a task to mark off and then move on to our next positioned desires – a wife or husband, family, friends and relationships, a career, etc. The Psalmist declares that God is our only desire

Of course, the desire for a godly wife or husband is a good pursuit, and family intimacy is an admirable quest; but these are not desires apart from the ultimate desire of God; they are within our desire for God.

In your desire for God, desire a godly wife or husband. In your desire for God, desire to fulfill the great commission. In your desire for God, desire to excel in the workplace. All of these secondary desires are to no avail if they are not rooted in the primary desire for God.

We will never experience satisfaction in these good and secondary desires as they were designed by God if they are not rooted in a desire for Him. God is good, and goodness is joy; there can therefore be no joy if our desires are without the desire for God.

The hungry do not need to be paid to feast.

“One who truly loves God asks no other recompense than God Himself.”

Nicolas of Cusa


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