The Love of God

God’s love is defined by the extent of His dedication to manifest His glory. The most loving thing that God does is reveal Himself. This is because God is the most good, and thus we are most benefited in receiving Him through the revelation of Himself.

Jesus’ love for Lazarus was letting the man die (cf. John 11:3, 5). But why did Jesus let the man he loved die? It was purposed for His glory to be seen through the resurrection of the dead Lazarus (John 11:4, 15). And how can this be called ‘love’ for Lazarus? Because the revelation of Jesus’ glory was the best thing for Lazarus – in the narrative’s case, it was because of Jesus’ commitment to glory that He raised Lazarus from the dead; now, the very life of Lazarus was a result of Jesus’ passion for His own glory. The ultimate aim of the love that Jesus had for Lazarus was a dedication to magnifying Himself through Lazarus. Another way of saying it: Jesus loved Lazarus because Jesus magnified Himself to and through Lazarus.

“Yes,” the evangelical can affirm to the world, “God does love you. This love, however, is not as much an interest in how good or pleasant you are, but rather it is an interest in His glorifying Himself to you.”

“We love people by telling them the best news in all the world: The God against whom you have committed treason, offers complete amnesty, freely. He will commute your death sentence. He will forgive your treasonous intentions and actions and feelings. He will put away his just and holy anger against you. And not only that, he will adopt you into his royal family and make you an heir with his Son.” John Piper

Love the world by equipping them to see and savor the glory of God. His love never fails because He is committed to magnify His glory unto the end of the age. This is the best news there is. God is for His glory and His glory is for our good.


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